Captain MaCaw is live!

Captain MaCaw has now been released and is available!

It is a platform adventure in the style of the old 8-bit puzzle adventures, featuring pirates in this instance!

Captain MaCaw's ship goes down in a storm!
Making sure everyone has cleared the ship, as is the captain’s duty, even a pirate captain, MaCaw gets to the last lift raft.
Washed aboard a strange island, he must work out how to get back home!
He soon discovers that is not as easy as he had hoped and begins to get a strange feeling that something is not quite right......

Thanks to everyone that have supported us on our first release!
The countless nights testing and feedback!

It's been a crazy journey one of which I'm proud of the result.

It's very much a passion project with the purpose of scratching that retro itch.
Giving you that nostalgic pang of firing up the ZX spectrum on a cold winters day!

While every step has been taken to squish bugs, you're never going to catch them all so if any do become apparent, please report through the contact links and they will be addressed promptly.

I am very much an active dev and want your experience playing Captain MaCaw to be as fun as possible!

I truly hope you enjoy!

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Jan 17, 2019

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Hi there! Yeah, I'll publish a walkthrough at some point. In the meantime, you can mail admin at auld-games dot co dot uk and I can help you with anything specific.

I love this game, just wondering is there any chance of making a walk through or publishing hints?